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Rambam - Sefer HaMitzvos
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Positive Mitzvot 109, 237

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Positive Mitzvah 109: Immersing in a Mikveh
Leviticus 15:16 "He shall bathe all his body in water"

Just as the Torah defines the different types of impurity - it also outlines the process for purification.

The Torah describes the purification process, commanding the impure person to immerse himself in a mikveh.

A mikveh is a special pool of water of a specific size.

Its water must come from a natural source, rain or a spring.

In the beginning of the universe, the entire creation emerged from water. After an impure person dips in the mikveh, he rises up as a new creation; purified and prepared to serve HaShem.

Introduction to Mitzvot 237 - 241:

The Laws of Damages

A person must always take responsibility for his actions and his property. If he causes any damage, he must pay for the loss.

Even if his animal hurts or injures another person or property, the animal's owner is liable for the damage.

The Torah lists four different situations where damage may be caused.

Each one has its set of laws and rules.

These Mitzvot teach us to realize our responsibilities towards others and be cautious of our actions.

They urge us to be aware of what might happen because of careless behavior.

These Mitzvot also protect the general public.

They serve as insurance for damage done, allowing the hurt party to receive payment for any loss he suffers.

Positive Mitzvah 237: Damage Caused by Goring
Exodus 21:28 "If an ox gores..."

Benny lives on a farm in the Midwest.

His family owns many acres of fertile soil and has herds of cattle.

They supply a nearby meat plant with cattle to be slaughtered according to the Torah laws of Shechitah.

The meat is then marketed across the country in kosher butcher shops.

That delicious Shabbat meal you enjoyed last week may have been prepared from the meat that comes from Benny's family's farm!

Benny likes to work around the farm. He also has specific duties to tend to. Afterwards, he likes to roam around the barns and stables.

He is very careful to lock the gates and shut the fences.

Otherwise, some of the strong young bulls may break loose and pounce upon a passer-by and gore him.

This Positive Mitzvah requires the owner of an animal to pay for damages it causes by goring another person or animal.

As soon as you start measuring good deeds, to determine which is greater, which takes priority over the other -- you have already entered precarious ground. Your job is to do whatever is sent your way.

From: Bringing Heaven Down to Earth by Tzvi Freeman - tzvif@aol.com

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