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What is Rosh Hashana?

Annulment of Vows



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 Annulment of Vows Tashlich


On Rosh Hashana [during the daytime] we must hear the sounding of at least the first thirty of the prescribed blasts of the shofar - the ram's horn.

The shofar, the oldest and most soulful of wind instruments, has many meanings. Among them:
  • It proclaims the coronation of G-d as King of the Universe.
  • It "awakens" us to repent and return to G-d.
  • It reminds us of the shofar heard at Mount Sinai, when we accepted G-d's commandments for all time.
  • It represents the simple, primal outcry from the depth of the soul.
  • It presages the call of the "Great Shofar" that G-d will sound with the coming of Moshiach, who will lead us out of exile and into our Holy Land -- speedily, in our days.
Listen to the Sounds of the Shofar (RealAudio files)
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Note: One does not observe the Mitzvah of Shofar by listening to the sounds on-line. They must be heard "live" on Rosh Hashana. If you are unable to attend a synagogue on Rosh Hashana, please contact your local Chabad-Lubavitch Center to arrange a private hearing of the Shofar.
 Annulment of Vows Tashlich

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